ONGA           O`ahu Nursery Growers Association
The Plant Folks From Thomas Square!
You're probably not familiar with us as ONGA - the O`ahu
Nursery Growers Association; but we're sure you know us as
the folks that dress up Thomas Square as the most beautiful
outdoor garden shop in Honolulu, here to support our local
charities!   Please browse around our website and discover
who we are, what we're up to, and when we'll be up to it!

A Word on our Popular Sales
Although Thomas Square is not the only place you'll see us as
independent nurseries, it is the main place that we join
together as ONGA.  Our events are held monthly in the center
of Honolulu at Thomas Square across from the Blaisdell
Concert Hall.  (That's 925 South Beretania to you GPS types)  
Sales are held on weekends starting Saturday (9am to 4pm)
and ending Sunday (9am to 3pm).  Entrance is free!
Hurricanes Are Coming!
Thomas Square Sale for August Cancelled!!!
Sorry all, but when you work with plants all day long you
learn to respect the natural rhythms of our little planet and its
virtually screaming at us to cancel the sale so... we are.  Stay
safe everyone and we'll see you later!

A Word About Thomas Square
As of the time of this post, there are some serious issues
with park usage that have developed as a result of recent
rules changes.  Our permits for our March sale were issued
last year, so that sale will go on as planned, and we're
nearly  certain that wer'e also clear for April.  After that...
well, unless Honolulu wants to cancel the annual marathon
let's all hope a good dose of common sense finds its way in.